Startups and Prototyping, the perfect match.

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Startups and Prototyping, the perfect match.

Every month I listened to at least one idea to a digital product, and as in any project in its idealization moment, it sounded perfect, and not that complicated to build. Often I have heard some one with problems with the “programmer guy”, that is not doing it right, or that the project is going to take more time and more money than the budget.

Most of the time it will cost more, sometimes more than double the cost, but is not the programmer’s fault, always. The problem usually is lack of communication, and processes. The absence of both, the latter and the former, can turn a great ideia in what I like to call “favela digital”, everything we need to live is there, but it shouldn’t be like this.

When you do a prototype, you will have a concrete ideia of how the product/system should be, so you can be sure of how much is going to cost, and how long is going to take to build it. Making a prototype is a step that most of the startups skip, because will cost something and it takes some time.

I got a client, that is a very interesting case, they have already a digital product, but after they ha to rebuild the product 3 times, they decided to prototype the changes before actual doing it. It helped not only the programmer, but also the sales. With the prototype they were able to sell the product before it’s was done. This is the dream of any startup: someone buying the the product before it exists!

So breath, start with the prototype, reduce the project costs, get investors, and don’t blame the programmer.

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